Tana Johnson - CV 2018


Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Political Science, Duke University (2011-2019) (tenured in Spring 2019)

  • Sanford School of Public Policy (primary)

  • Department of Political Science (secondary)

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Princeton University (2010-2011)

  • Niehaus Center for Globalization and Governance

  • Wilson School of Public and International Affairs



Ph.D. in Public Policy, University of Chicago (2010)




Johnson, Tana. 2014 (hardback), 2017 (paperback). Organizational Progeny: Why Governments are Losing Control over the Proliferating Structures of Global Governance. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. 

Articles and Chapters

Johnson, Tana, and Johannes Urpelainen. Forthcoming. “The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same? Developing Countries’ Unity at the Nexus of Trade and Environmental Policy.” Review of International Organizations.

Johnson, Tana, and Andrew Heiss. 2018. “Liberal Institutionalism.” In International Organization and Global Governance, edited by Thomas Weiss and Rorden Wilkenson, pp. 123-134. New York, NY: Routledge.

Johnson, Tana. 2016. “Cooperation, Co-optation, Competition, Conflict: International Bureaucracies and Non-Governmental Organizations in an Interdependent World.” Review of International Political Economy 23 (5): 737-767.

Heiss, Andrew, and Tana Johnson. 2016. “Internal, Interactive, and Institutional Factors: A Unified Framework for Understanding International Non-Governmental Organizations.” International Studies Review 18 (3): 528-541.

Johnson, Tana. 2016. “Envisioning the Invisible: Non-State Actors in International Affairs.” International Studies Review 18 (1).

Johnson, Tana. 2015. “Information Revelation and Structural Superiority: The World Trade Organization’s Incorporation of Environmental Policy.” Review of International Organizations 10 (2): 207-229.

Johnson, Tana. 2015. “Exploring Generalizability, Dynamics, and Policy Implications in Organizational Progeny.” International Politics Reviews 3 (2): 67-72.

Johnson, Tana, and Johannes Urpelainen. 2014. “International Bureaucrats and the Formation of Intergovernmental Organizations: Institutional Design Discretion Sweetens the Pot.” International Organization 68 (1): 175-208.

Johnson, Tana. 2013. "Institutional Design and Bureaucrats' Impact on Political Control." Journal of Politics 75 (1): 183-197.

Johnson, Tana. 2013. "Looking beyond States: Openings for International Bureaucrats To Enter the Institutional Design Process.” Review of International Organizations 8 (4): 499-519.

Johnson, Tana, and Johannes Urpelainen. 2012. “A Strategic Theory of Regime Integration and Separation.” 2012. International Organization 66 (4): 645-677.

Johnson, Tana. 2011. “Guilt by Association: The Link between States’ Influence and the Legitimacy of Intergovernmental Organizations.” Review of International Organizations 6 (1): 57-84.



  • Winner, Duke University Pedagogical Experimentation Grant (2017-2018)

  • Research Fellow, Earth Systems Governance (ESG) (2017-present)

  • Winner, International Studies Association’s Chadwick Alger Prize for best book on multilateralism (2015)

  • Runner-up, Lepgold Prize for exceptional scholarship on critical policy challenges (2015)

  • Global Energy Governance Fellow, Global Governance Futures (GGF) program in China and Germany (2012-2013)

  • Predoctoral Research Fellow, Vanderbilt University, Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions (CSDI) (2009-2010)




  • Regional Consultation for the Review of the United Nations Treaty Body System (2017)

  • Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS) (2015, 2016, 2018)

  • United Nations (UN), “International Geneva Luncheon Series” (Switzerland) (2015)

  • Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law & International Law (Germany) (2015)

  • Brookings Institution (2013)

Reports and Blog Posts

“Proliferation, Performance, and Partnerships: Understanding the Operating Theater of International Development Institutions.” Brookings Institution/World Bank Future Development blog. 2018.

“Liberal Institutionalism: Its Threatened Past, Its Threatened Future.” Brookings Institution/World Bank Future Development blog. 2018.

“International Organizations and the Trump Administration’s New Budget Proposal” (with Van Nguyen, a Duke undergraduate student). Duck of Minerva. (2018)

“Independence of International Inter-governmental Organizations.” Duck of Minerva. (2016)

“An Abdication of Global Governance?  Why We Must Take a Closer Look at International Bureaucrats.”  Global Policy. (2013)

“Energy Governance Outlook: Global Scenarios and Implications” (with Han Cheng et al.). Global Public Policy Institute. (2013) 


  • Member, Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (2015-present)

  • Member, Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS) (2014-present)

  • Member, Bridging the Gap Initiative (2011-present)




  • Political Analysis for Public Policy

  • Research in International Policy Issues


  • Environment, Energy, and the Economy

  • Globalization and Governance

  • Social Choice and the Political Economy of Policymaking

  • The Private and Public Sectors in Policymaking




  • Co-organizer, Security/Peace/Conflict Workshop Series (2017-present)

  • Affiliated Faculty, Duke Center for International Development (DCID) (2014-present)

  • Affiliated Faculty, Political Science Sub-field of Security/Peace/Conflict (2013-present)

  • Faculty Advisor, University Program on Environmental Policy (UPEP) (2013-present)

  • Affiliated Faculty, Triangle Institute for Strategic Studies (TISS) (2011-present)

  • Instructor and Advisor, Duke Global Policy Program, Geneva Switzerland (2011-present)


  • Executive Committee Member (elected), International Organization Section in the International Studies Association (ISA) (2016-present)

  • Advisory Board Member, “Delegation of Power to International Organizations” (DELPOWIO) Project at Munich Technical University in Germany (2016-present)

  • Editorial Advisory Board Member, Global Perspectives, Security and Cooperation Section (2018-present)

  • Co-organizer, "Intergovernmental Organizations and Pressure Groups" conference (2017)

  • Reviewer for National Science Foundation (NSF) (2015-present)

  • Reviewer for Oxford University Press (2014-present)

  • Reviewer for University of Chicago Press (2010-present)

  • Reviewer for: American Journal of Political Science (AJPS); American Political Science Review (APSR); Global Environmental Politics (GEP); Governance; European Journal of Public Policy (EJPP); International Journal of Public Opinion Research (IJPOR); International Organization (IO); International Studies Quarterly (ISQ); International Theory (IT); Journal of Politics (JOP); Research & Politics; Review of International Political Economy (RIPE); Review of International Organizations (RIO); World Politics (2010-present)